The Character Project - Princeton Theological Seminary

The Character Project

October 1, 2019


Dr. Shawn Oliver is working in collaboration with Dr. David Wang of Biola University on research that will equip seminaries with robust insight to improve and refine their missions concerning the formation of students as strong leaders in effective ministry.

The Character Project involves 14 seminaries in a follow up to a Templeton Foundation initiative. Dr. Oliver is collecting information concerning the spiritual and character formation of first- and second-year Princeton Theological Seminary students through longitudinal data and interviews. The project will advance through this and future phases, also funded by the John Templeton Foundation. To date, out of 43 Princeton Seminary students who began participating in the project in fall 2019, 39 students completed the survey in fall 2020. In fall 2020, an additional 41 first-year students participated. Their follow-up surveys are still being completed.