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Communities & Groups

AAPTS serves to advocate for the quality of student life at the Seminary. It aims to provide space for deepening its members’ spiritual identity through continual conversation with the diversity of Asian and Asian American perspectives.

Committed to the liberating word of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and interpreting this message afresh for this contemporary age, ABS gives support to its African and African American brothers and sisters while matriculating at the Seminary.

ADSA is committed to promoting awareness of the gifts and needs of Seminary students affected by physical and mental disability and affecting on-campus changes which will enable all members of the Seminary community to use their gifts for the glory of God and the growth of Christ’s Kingdom. Our desire is to help individuals discover, develop, and use those gifts – encouraging them through friendship and advocacy.

En Conjunto is primarily composed of students from a Latino/Hispanic background, but welcomes students from all ethnic backgrounds. Its main purpose is to provide a community for students to engage the Latino/Hispanic heritage and offer workshops and an enriching environment.

The Episcopal and Anglican Student Fellowship (EASF) is a student organization for those in the Anglican tradition to practice things like the Daily Office, and explore the Anglican tradition together.

GSAS (Gender and Sexuality Association for Seminarians) provides support, advocacy, education, and fellowship to members of the Seminary community, especially those who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, or intersex (LGBTQQI). GSAS believes that LGBTQQI persons should be fully included in the church as they affirm their sexuality and discern God’s call.

The Koinonia Fellowship is the PhD student government and community support organization at Princeton Seminary, representing PhD students to the Seminary administration and faculty. Koinonia also fosters and encourages social activities for doctoral students and assists in the annual orientation of new students at the Seminary.

The Korean Student Association (KSA) is a student organization that contributes to the PTS community by enriching students’ multicultural, social, spiritual, and academic experiences. It is an inclusive group for students of Korean heritage and students who are interested in the Korean Church and the Korean culture and history.

The Lutheran Group organizes fellowship opportunities and support for Lutherans, as well as any students interest­ed in joining us. Every four years the Lutheran Group takes a turn hosting the annual Lutherans in Diaspora Conference, where Lutherans from Union, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale gather for public lectures, fellowship, worship, and practical workshops.

The Princeton Seminary Players seeks to offer performance and production opportunities to those who enjoy the art of Theatre. This student-run group is committed to fostering the creative passion of theatrical expression within the PTS community through the production of plays, improvisational theatre, musicals, and workshops. PSP welcomes any and all students to participate in the art of cathartic storytelling through communal theatrical performance.

The Student Government Association (SGA) of Princeton Theological Seminary seeks to support Princeton Theological Seminary’s mission to prepare students in service to Jesus Christ in ministries of congregation, classroom, and the public arena. The elected members of the SGA include an Executive Council consisting of a moderator, vice-moderator, clerk, treasurer, and student/faculty liaison; and duly elected representatives from the junior, middler, and senior classes, as well as one ThM student and one PhD student. The SGA is committed to responsible leadership in the formation of a community of regularly admitted and currently enrolled residential seminarians who are dedicated to their ministry of preparation and their scholarship.

The Women’s Center is an action-oriented group concerned with the life of Princeton Theological Seminary. The organization provides a supportive sisterhood for women.