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Policies and Forms

Special Collections & Archives Policies and Forms

Due to the fragile and rare nature of the books, archival material, and artifacts in Special Collections & Archives, there are restrictions on access to the material. All material in Special Collections must be viewed in the Scheide Reading Room (Wright Library, 2nd Floor) under supervision of archives staff.

All researchers, even members of the Seminary community, must make an appointment in order to view materials from Special Collections & Archives.

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Additional restrictions include:

  • The Scheide Reading Room is open to researchers Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00am-3:00pm each week. Appointments must be made during these open hours.
  • Visitors must leave all bags, coats, hats, etc. in the lockers in the lobby area.
  • No food or drink is allowed. Water in a sealed container is allowed but must remain in the lockers during your visit.
  • Visitors may bring in laptops, notebooks, and notepaper. All items brought into the Reading Room may be searched by archives staff.
  • Pencils only! No pens, markers, highlighters allowed. Pencils are provided if needed.
  • Photography is allowed with cellphones and handheld cameras without flash. Please ask an archives staff member for permission to use tripods or other photography/scanning equipment.
  • Visitors can request up to 6 items at once, with only 1 item or box at a time allowed to be on the table and in use.
  • Gloves will be provided for researchers working on certain materials (including photographs, metal objects, and artifacts). Gloves are not required for handling most books and archival materials, though researchers’ hands must be clean before working with any materials.
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