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Trials and Recent Additions

Database Trials and Recent Purchases

Wright Library is dedicated to supporting the Seminary community’s study, research, and teaching work while practicing good stewardship of Seminary resources. Your feedback about the material described below is valuable in guiding library purchasing decisions. Thank you.

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Jeremy Wallace, Assistant Director for Research and Public Services

Current Trial

DBpia (Nuri Media Co., Ltd.)

DBpia is a Korean Academic Journals Database in Korea which provides access to about 4,000 kinds of academic periodicals, and 3.5 million academic articles (Kor·Eng) relating to 800 of the Korean Citation Index (KCI) and 70 of the global citation indices such as the SCIE, the SCOPUS, etc. in 8 topic areas: Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, Engineering, Medical Science, Agronomy/Oceanography/Fisheries Science, Art/Sports, Interdisciplinary Studies.

Trial access (on-site only): May 13-July 14, 2024

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Recently Purchased

Eerdmans Digital Reference Library (Bloomsbury)

Eerdmans Digital Reference Library is 43 core reference volumes featuring award-winning encyclopedias and theological dictionaries of the Bible including the Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament, Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Encyclopedia of Christianity, Eerdmans Encyclopedia of Christian Art and Archaeology among others.

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T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism (Bloomsbury)

The T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism is a 2-volume reference work with 600 scholarly articles about Judaism in the Second Temple Period, including literature, context and historical figures, fully cross-referenced through Theology and Religion Online (Bloomsbury).

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Eerdmans Bible Commentaries: New Testament (Bloomsbury)

Eerdmans Bible Commentaries: New Testament includes 54 commentaries on every book of the New Testament from leading international scholars. Hailing from a range of denominational backgrounds, these world-class Bible authorities lend their expertise to exegesis which draws on linguistic, literary, archaeological and historical scholarship to provide a rounded picture of the biblical text.

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Hundreds of thousands of e-books for Princeton Seminary faculty, students and staff, plus booklists and other custom features on a Netflix-like platform.

Perlego* contains numerous biblical commentaries including Feasting on the Word, Word Biblical, Interpretation, and Old and New Testament Library.

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Other Recently Added Collections

Ancestry Library Edition (ProQuest)

Ancestry Library Edition provides access to a wide range of unique resources for genealogical and historical research. Includes billions of records in census data, vital records, directories and photos as well as detailed search indexes and helpful Learning Center tools.

Ancient Near East Monographs (Society of Biblical Literature)

The open access Ancient Near East Monographs series focuses on the ancient Near East, including ancient Israel and its literature, from the early Neolithic to the early Hellenistic eras. Includes both studies that are heavily philological and those that are primarily archaeological.

eBook Religion Collection (EBSCOhost)

eBook Religion Collection has thousands of e-books including introductory texts as well as more complex works and covers a variety of religions from around the world.

History of Religiosity in Latin America Online, c. 1830–1970 (Brill)

History of Religiosity in Latin America contains publications of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that deal with local devotions and syncretist rituals, religious iconography and poetry, and the pastoral campaigns of the various churches and sects in Latin America. Reproduced from a wide range of libraries throughout Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Languages: primarily Spanish but also Portuguese. Some Latin, English, French, and Italian

LGBTQ+ Rights (HeinOnline)

The LGBTQ+ Rights collection, part of HeinOnline’s Social Justice Suite, contains materials relating to the gay rights movement in America from 1950 until present day, including an interactive timeline, subject-coded court cases, scholarly articles, books, pamphlets, and reports. Library Edition (ProQuest) Library Edition includes 4,000+ historical newspapers dating from the early 1700s into the 2000s.


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