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Byung Ho Choi

Byung Ho Choi (1)

PhD Candidate | History & Ecumenics (World Christianity and History of Religions)

Byung Ho Choi is a PhD candidate in the Department of History and Ecumenics, specializing in World Christianity and the History of Religions. He holds a BA in global management from Handong Global University (Pohang, South Korea), a MDiv from the Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary (Seoul, South Korea), and a ThM from Princeton Theological Seminary. His current research focuses on the indigenous expressions of Christianity found in Southeast Asia, particularly as found in the archipelagic nation of Indonesia. His dissertation project examines Toraja Christianity that is practiced by the Toraja ethnic group that resides in the highlands of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. His methodological approach interlaces ethnographic and historical methodologies, closely analyzing how Toraja Christians have intricately woven their faith into the tapestry of indigenous practices—especially through their widely recognized funeral rituals. In a broader scope, his research and teaching interests include history of Christianity, issues of conversion and social identity, inter-religious (Christian–Muslim) dialogue, ecumenism, interculturality, anthropology of Christianity, and World Christianity.