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The Center for Theology, Women, and Gender offers a concentration for master’s students at Princeton Theological Seminary that allows students to focus their academic work on issues pertaining to theology and gender. This concentration prepares students for vocational ministry or scholarly pursuits by a) valuing the unique contributions of women and sexual minorities to the life of the church and Christian faith, and b) by exploring critically the ways that gender and sexualities are understood and represented in church and society. The requirements for the concentration involve earning nine (9) credits from approved courses. One course (or a maximum of three credits) may be taken at Princeton University in order to fulfill the concentration requirements, subject to the approval of the director and the associate dean for academic administration.

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Colloquium in Theology and Gender

This colloquium focuses on issues of theology and gender as they pertain to contemporary church and society. It provides a common intellectual experience for students who are pursuing the concentration in theology, women, and gender. While students will be able to fulfill the core of their requirements from any Princeton Seminary course on the list of approved theology and gender courses, this colloquium will give students a common experience, dialogue, and foundation for critical reflection on the understanding of gender in church and society, with a view toward positive change as needed. It is a requirement for students who intend to earn a concentration in theology, women, and gender.

Because a cohort of students will graduate every year with a concentration in theology, women, and gender, the colloquium will be offered yearly and can be taken during the second and third year in the MDiv experience or the second year in the –MA(TS)/MTS experience. Students are only required to take it once, but they can repeat the colloquium if they choose.