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Accessibility & Disability Accommodations

Accessibility & Disability Accommodations

Princeton Theological Seminary welcomes students with all types of disabilities into the community of worship and learning. We give individualized consideration of each student’s abilities, the functional impact of their disability, and program standards in order to devise creative and innovative accommodation solutions to ensure equal access to students with disabilities.

Being a graduate and professional school institution, there are some unique aspects of the educational experience that may be different from the undergraduate experience. These aspects are worth contacting Academic Support to discuss as you consider what accommodations you might need, and what transition plan you may want to put in place to prepare for academic and field experience at Princeton Seminary.

PTS Student Disability Services (SDS) requires students to provide the following documentation by a licensed professional before providing accommodations:

  • diagnosis of condition
  • definition of the functional limitations the student will experience in an academic and/or clinical environment
  • recommendation for reasonable accommodations

Such documentation assists SDS in providing the most appropriate and reasonable accommodations and support.

The documentation provided by the student is considered confidential in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

PTS students are required to present documentation related to a variety of disabilities and other conditions requiring accommodation. Please follow the links below for guidelines on these condition types:

If you have questions or need more information, contact us (