speciality counseling network groupWhile Trinity Counseling Service is the Seminary’s primary in-network provider, students and spouses enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan have access to a large, additional pool of mental health specialists in the Princeton area, by referral through the Office of Student Counseling. These counselors have expertise in a variety of therapeutic approaches and specialized training for working with many different issues. Some are also ordained, and the group is ethnically diversity.

How to Access a Counselor in the SHBP Network

Referral form for counseling

SHBP Benefit for Off-Campus Support and Psychotherapy Groups

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Students and spouses enrolled in the SHBP can affordably participate in off campus groups run by providers in the Specialty Counseling Network with only a $15 copayment per group meeting (paid directly to the facilitator). This benefit has been added because it is not always possible to find enough students available at the same time to run a particular group on campus. Providers in the network offer groups in their own offices for those dealing with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, mindfulness meditation and stress reduction, compulsive sexual behavior etc. Referrals for such groups need to go through the Director of Student Counseling.FAQ Button