Student Health 101 is an online magazine promoting health and well-being for the students and staff of Princeton Seminary. It includes articles and announcements specific to the PTS community but also features articles written by health professionals around the country. Check it out!

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We invite you to submit an article, reflection, health tips, photo, or information on wholistic events in the Princeton community. Students are also needed to help edit the magazine for publication. For more information, please contact Nancy Schongalla-Bowman, Director of Student Counseling.

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Selected Articles by Topic

In addition to these selected articles, check out the archives above and visit the Self-Help Resources and Lending Library pages!  


Drinking on Campus - January 2012

Your Relationship with Alcohol - May 2012

Diet and Exercise

Goodbye Food Pyramid - November 2011

Supercharge Your Eating with Superfoods - March 2012

How Not to Diet - May 2012

Spiritual Well-Being

Examen Process - November 2011

Sabbath: Keeping a Rhythm of Rest - May 2012

 Every Breath We Take - May 2012 


Stealing Your Slumber - November 2011

How Better Sleep Can Improve Your Life - February 2012

Stress Relief

Stan's Strategy for Stress Relief - March 2012


Your Relationship with Electronics - March 2012