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Pastoral Communication Beyond the Pulpit

Sponsored by the Institute for Pastoral Leadership

October 3-5, 2011
Princeton Theological Seminary’s School of Christian Vocation and Mission

Objectives for this seminar include the following. Participants will learn:

  • and experience communication behaviors that positively influence their working with others. Each participant will be expected to be the subject of a 360 degree feedback process using an inventory of competencies developed by congregational leaders beginning in 1970 and updated to 2011. Several thousand clergy and laity validate the significant insights and help they received from this process. The details of implementing the process will be supplied to participants in a separate document.
  • how to deal with passive dependency person’s communication behaviors.
  • how to deal with passive aggressive person’s communication behaviors.
  • how to effectively manage one’s own response to destructive communication and behavior from other persons.
  • some methods to deal effectively with the hypercritical person.
  • some methods for positively influencing and persuading other persons to consider other options.

Seminar Leader

Del R Poling has trained thousands of supervisors, managers and executives in management skills. This has been done either through in-house seminars/workshops or public seminars. He is a top presenter for The Executive Committee having presented over 500 times across the United States. The client list includes Fortune 50 and 500 companies, U.S. Air Force and Army, Chambers of Commerce throughout the U.S. and many small businesses and organizations in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. Mr. Poling has served as executive coach and mentor to more than 50 company presidents and key executives in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. Managing change, increased effectiveness and organizational performance are among the areas of coaching issues. While attending seminary, Del prepared to be a recognized Pastoral Counselor under the mentorship of several of the pioneers in this field. During his ministry as a Pastoral Counselor in Dayton, Ohio, Del worked under the mentorship of Dr. Karl Menninger, Psychiatrist and Dr. William Crane, Pastoral Counselor at Second Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, Tennessee.  Del served the Synod of Ohio as the consultant to congregations and to clergy staff from 1958 to 1964 while working in Dayton. In 1964, Del moved to Athens, Georgia to be the Assistant Director of the Center for Creative Learning. From 1965 to 1971 Del was the Director of the Center for Creative Living. The center provided Human Interaction, Self Awareness, and Leadership training to church professionals and laity. Del has consulted with church leaders throughout the United States and with mission staff from overseas. He has set aside at least a week per month (since ordination) to give training and consultation to the congregations, presbyteries, synods, and the General Assembly staff. Del currently serves as a consultant to the professional staffs of Tampa Bay, Peace River, and Central Florida Presbyteries. He also serves as coach/mentor with other Presbytery staffs throughout the country.


A tentative agenda, including the titles of each session, is available for download as a .pdf here.


The program costs $300, which includes tuition, refreshments, and meals. Affordable on-campus lodging (as low as $55 per night) is available to those who need it. Please read the registration and cancellation policy here. Online registration is now closed. To register, or to ask further questions, please call the Erdman Center Front Desk at 609-497-7990.