Princeton Theological Seminary

Kuyper Center Annual Conference 2014
Pre-conference symposium 'God and Music'

Wednesday 9th April
   Paul Mealor, Professor of Composition, University of Aberdeen
   ‘Composing sacred music in 21st century: opportunities and challenges’

   Albert Chung (M Div, Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS))
   ‘Where we are now’: an illustrated exploration of popularity and excellence in contemporary music for worship

   8pm (in Miller Chapel)
   A Sacred Bridge: A Cappella Church Music from the Renaissance and the 21st Century
   Featuring the Choral Ensemble Fuma Sacra under the direction of Andrew Megill

Thursday 10th April
   Gordon Graham, Henry Luce III Professor of Philosophy and the Arts, PTS
   ‘A Philosophy of Sacred Music’
   Respondent, John D Witvliet Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

   God and Music; a panel discussion
   Jeffrey Cobbold (PTS, MDiv student), Paul Mealor and Nicholas Wolterstorff

All sessions will be held in Erdman Center Cooper Conference Room, unless otherwise indicated. Registration is required, but there is no charge.

Kuyper Center Annual Conference 2014
"Philosophy, Worship and Art"

April 10-12, 2014

Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920) — Dutch pastor, theologian, journalist, and politician — was instrumental in the revival of Calvinism as a worldview worthy of practical allegiance and sustained critical reflection. In 1898 he visited Princeton and delivered the Stone Lectures that year, his famous Lectures on Calvinism. Kuyper was strongly influenced at an early stage by German Idealist philosophy. His later thought had a more markedly theological character, philosophical influences continued to show themselves, especially in relation to his views on art and worship. This conference is devoted to exploring the philosophical frontiers of worship and art.

NOTE: With the exception of the Prize lecture, all conference sessions will take place in Erdman Center.



Daniel J. Theron Room, Seminary Library

Exploring the Kuyper Collection on ‘Faith and Race’
Dr. Clifford Anderson
Vanderbilt University
This session is an opportunity to identify materials in the Kuyper Collection that provide opportunities for further study and research on the annual conference theme for 2015.

7pm Kuyper Prize Lecture

Miller Chapel

Justice, Beauty, and Worship
Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff
Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology Emeritus, Yale University


9.00-10.30 Conference Plenary I

Cooper Conference Room

Liturgical Philosophy
Dr. Andrew Chignell
Department of Philosophy, Cornell University

10.45- 12.15 Concurrent Sessions I

Cooper Conference Room

     Matthew Kaemingk (Fuller Seminary)
     Pluralism, Political Philosophy, and Worship
     Fredericke van Oorschot (University of Hannover)
     Worship as ethical category. Public ecclesiology subsequent to Kuyper.

Clarke Lounge

     Justin Roberts (McMaster Divinity College)
     A Church Come of Age?: Bonhoeffer and the Possibility of Worship
     James Eglinton (University of Edinburgh)
     Worshipful speech in the worshipping universe: Bavinck’s De Welsprekendheid

Art Studio

     Martien Brinkman (VU University, Amsterdam)
     The Hidden Christ in Modern Art
     Janet Danielson (School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University)
     The Ichabod Syndrome in Worship and in the Arts

1.45-3.15 Concurrent Sessions II

Cooper Conference Room

     Jasper Bosman (Kampen Theological University)
     Using Autonomous Visual Art in Contemporary Reformed Preaching: A Critical Examination
     Marinus DeJong (Kampen Theological University)
     Kuyper and Contemporary Charismatics on Worship and Art

Clarke Lounge

     Rebekah Smick (Institute of Christian Studies, Toronto School of Theology)
     Kuyper’s Calvin in Western Art History
     James A. De Jong, (Calvin Seminary)
     The Neglected Kuyper—Reflections on His Devotional Meditations

Art Studio

     Michael Brauetigam (University of Edinburgh)
     Ethereal and Ethical: Neo-Calvinist Meditations on Art
     Robert Covolo (Fuller Seminary and VU, Amsterdam)
     In Search of a Neo-Calvinist Aesthetic

3.45- 5.15 Conference Plenary II

Cooper Conference Room

The Multiple Dimensions of Kuyper's Theology and Spirituality of Liturgy
Dr. John D. Witvliet
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship


9-10.30 Concurrent Sessions III

Cooper Conference Room

     Joel Carpenter and Rachel Smith (Calvin College)
     Between the Shadow and the Light: A Model for Art Engaging History, Public Life, and Faith out of South Africa—A Case Study

Clarke Lounge

     Andrew Kloes (University of Edinburgh)
     ‘I too am a pupil of Groen:’ The Anti-Revolutionary intellectual influence of Guillaume de Groen van Prinsterer on Hans Rookmaaker’s philosophy of art
     Stephen de Rose (Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia)
     Comparative back solving: Kuyper Philosophy and the Logic of Tolerance

Art Studio

     Russell Powell (Princeton Theological Seminary)
     Landscape Painting and the American Sublime: The Intersection of Art, Politics, and Calvinism in the Hudson River School
     Deb Fung (Regent College, Vancouver, BC)
     The Art of Xu Bing in Conversation with the Theology of Abraham Kuyper

11-12.30 Conference Plenary III

Cooper Conference Room

Worlds of Art in Art Worlds
Dr Lisa DeBoer
Professor of Art, Westmont College