The Center for the Study of Philosophy at Princeton Theological Seminary
Spring Conference 2013

Scottish Reactions to Mandeville


1:00 PM    Opening Welcome      
1:15-2:45    Paper Session I      (Parallel Session)
 Lauren Brubaker
 Smith's Peculiar Rhetoric regarding Epicurus, Mandeville and Rousseau.
     Eugene Heath, SUNY New Paltz
 Carrying Matters Too Far: Mandeville on
 Evolution and the Moral Disposition
 Jane Slinn, King’s College, Cambridge
 The Nature and Symptoms of Human
 Passions: Theories of the Passions in
 Mandeville, Hutcheson, and Smith
     Abigail DeHart, Grand Valley State U.
 Bernard Mandeville, the Social Critic
2:45-3:00    Coffee break      
3:00-4:30    Paper Session II      (Parallel Session)
 Martin Otero Knott, St John's College
 Mandeville on Governability
     Jan Swearingen, Texas A&M
 Egoism and Calvinism: The Darker Sides
 of Self-Interest
 Craig Smith, University of Glasgow
 Skilful Politicians and Knavish Politics
     Kevin DeLapp, Converse College
 “A Most Beautiful Superstructure”:
 Kames on Mandeville
4:30-4:45    Coffee break      
4:45-6:00    Plenary I      Jackie Taylor, University of San Francisco
       Mandeville, the Scottish Philosophers,
 and the Women
       Chair: Ernesto Garcia,
 U. Mass Amherst
6:15-8:00    Dinner      Mackay Campus Center


8:00-8:45 AM    Breakfast in Mackay Campus Center      
9:00-10:00    Paper Session III      (Parallel Session)
 Christian Maurer, University of Fribourg,
 What Can an Egoist Say Against an Egoist?
 Archibald Campbell’s Criticisms of Bernard
     Rui Bertrand Romao, Instituto de
 Filosofia da Linguagem
 Remarks on the Possible Specificity of
 the Scottish Reception of Bernard
 Mandeville’s Theories
 Paul Sagar, King’s College, Cambridge
 Self-Love, Sociability and Sympathy:
 The Case of Archibald Campbell
     B. Barnett Cochran, Mount Vernon
 Nazarene University
 Duty, Dominion, and Desire:
 From Mandeville’s Bees to Turnbull’s
 Moral Science for an Opulent Empire
10:45-11:45    Plenary II      Remy Debes, University of Memphis
       On the Border of Truth: Mandeville’s
 Critique of Human Dignity and Smith’s
       Chair: Alessandro Chiessi,
 University of Bologna, Italy
12:00-1:00 PM    Lunch in Mackay Campus Center      
1:15-2:45    Paper Session IV      
 Mikko Tolonen, University of
 Helsinki and St. Andrews
 Eighteenth-century Scottish Reception
 of Mandeville’s Ideas on Courage
     Andrea Branchi, The American
 University of Rome
 Vanity, Virtue, and the Duel:
 The Scottish Response to Mandeville
2:45-3:00    Coffee break      
3:00-4:30    Paper Session V      
 Charles Griswold, Boston
 Self-love after Mandeville:
 Rousseau on Narcissistic Self-love
     Jeffrey Edwards, Stony Brook
 Reid and Mandeville?
4:30-4:45    Coffee break      
4:45-6:00    Plenary III      James Harris, University of St Andrews
 and Institute for Advanced
 Study, Princeton
       The place of Mandeville in Hume's
 intellectual development
       Chair: Gordon Graham, Princeton Theological Seminary
7:00 PM    Conference Banquet      


8:45-9:30 AM    Breakfast in MackayCampus Center      
9:45-12:00    Paper Session VI      
 Spiros Tegos, The University of Crete
 The ‘Splendor’ of Political Authority
 Getty Lustila, Boston University
 Saving Ourselves from Ourselves:
 Adam Ferguson on Mandeville’s
 Treatment of Luxury