Research Collections

Research Collections: Special Collections


Special Collections maintains four main research collections that document significant theological traditions of the Presbyterian and Reformed churches in the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Korea. Comprising thousands of volumes, each of these collections is also supported by primary source materials housed by Special Collections.


The Karl Barth Collection acquires all published writings by and about Karl Barth. It also has extensive manuscript holdings, including Markus Barth's papers, and photographs on deposit from the Karl Barth Archiv in Basel, Switzerland. Digital resources, such as an online bibliography of scholarship by and about Karl Barth supplements this collection. The collection also features a selection of videotaped interviews with preeminent Barth scholars from around the word. The Karl Barth collection contains materials primarily in German and English, but also acquires works in Dutch, French, Korean, and many other languages. For programs and activities related to this collection, see the Center for Barth Studies.


The Abraham Kuyper Collection is the most complete assemblage of the published writings of Abraham Kuyper in North America. A 15,000-volume library of 19th- and 20th- century Dutch Protestantism provides the essential resources for the study of Abraham Kuyper, as well as near contemporaries such as Isaac da Costa, William Groen van Prinsterer, Herman Bavinck and Klaas Schilder. The Abraham Kuyper Collection also contains selected materials related to the Dutch tradition in South Africa and the United States. Materials are collected primarily in Dutch, although many major works are also present in English translation. See our Digital Library of Abraham Kuyper for access to primary sources. For secondary sources about Abraham Kuyper, see our Abraham Kuyper Bibliography. For programs and activities related to this collection, see the Abraham Kuyper Center for Public Theology.


The Moffett Korea Collection includes the papers of Samuel A. Moffett and Samuel H. and Eileen Moffett, manuscript and photographic materials related to missions in Korea, and a 1,000-volume research library of works on Korean history, culture, and Presbyterian churches. The collection contains materials in both Korean and English.

Princeton Theological Seminary and the American Presbyterian Collection

This collection brings together reference works, monographs, dissertations, selected journals, articles, and other materials that document the history of the Seminary and of American Presbyterians. One strength of this collection is the presence of works by and about Princeton Theological Seminary and its faculty, including various editions of works by and about Archibald Alexander, Charles Hodge, B. B. Warfield, John A. Mackay, and many others. (For a brief narrative history of Princeton Seminary from its beginnings through 1992, see William K. Selden, Princeton Theological Seminary: A Narrative History, available in the Theological Commons.)