FAQ about the Karl Barth Society of North America

1. What is the Karl Barth Society of North America?

The mission statement of the KBSNA appears in Article 2 of the Constitution and reads as follows:

The purpose of the Society shall be to encourage a critical and constructive theology in continuity with the work of Karl Barth by such means as

1. the provision of whatever assistance is possible to the Karl Barth Foundation of Switzerland especially in its purpose "to collect and preserve the entire writings of Karl Barth and literature about him, including letters, and to prepare and publish a complete edition of the writings of Karl Barth".

2. the establishment on the North American continent of a collection as complete as possible of Karl Barth's writings and works about Karl Barth in order to facilitate research projects.

3. the organization of various types of conference to explore the resources of Karl Barth's work for theology.

2. When was the Karl Barth Society founded?

The Society was founded at “The Karl Barth Colloquium” on October 26-28, 1972 in Toronto.

3. What is the governance of the Karl Barth Society?

Present Board of Directors


Dr. S. Crocco, Princeton
Prof. D. Dayton
Prof. D. Demson, Toronto
Prof. G. Hunsinger, Princeton
Prof. P. Molnar, New York
Prof. R. Palmer, Omaha
Rev. H. Reid, Toronto
Prof. K. Sonderegger, Virginia

Corresponding Directors

Dr. Charles Dickinson, III, Boston
Prof. R. Huetter, Duke
Prof. L. Malcolm, St. Paul
Prof. J. Mangina, Toronto
Prof. J. Nelson, Chicago
Prof. S. Selinger, Drew
Dr. W. Stumme, St. Paul


President, George Hunsinger
Secretary, Philip Ziegler
Membership Secretary and Editor of the Newsletter, Paul Molnar

4. Who may become a member of the Karl Barth Society?

Article 3 of the Constitution reads: “Membership of the Karl Barth Society of North America shall be open to all interested persons and institutions upon the payment of an annual fee the amount to be determined by the Board of Directors.”

5. How can I become a member of the Karl Barth Society?

Please send your name, address, email address and annual dues of $20 ($10 for students) to:

Professor Paul D. Molnar
Department of Theology and Religious Studies
St. John Hall
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, New York 11439

All checks should be drawn on a U.S. bank and made payable to the “Karl Barth Society of North America.” Your cancelled check will be your receipt.

6. When and where does the Karl Barth Society meet?

The Karl Barth Society regularly meets in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion. Our meeting begins on the Friday before the official opening of the AAR meeting and finishes on Saturday morning. The Friday afternoon sessions go from 4:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. while the Saturday morning sessions go from 9:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. The announcement is carried in the Karl Barth Society Newsletter and also in the AAR bulletin under Additional Meetings.

Any special additional meetings of the Society would be announced well in advance.

7. Is it possible to start a local chapter of the Karl Barth Society at my institution?

The North American Society encouraged and supported for many years a U.S. Midwestern Chapter of the Society. We have always been open to local chapters affiliating with us and receiving support from us. Local groups interested in the Barth Society may apply to the Secretary to become affiliated with the KBSNA. Write to Philip Zieglerfor more information.

8. How can I get a copy of the Karl Barth Society Newsletter?

The Karl Barth Society Newsletter is sent twice annually (in the spring and the fall) to the membership of the Karl Barth Society.

9. May I contribute to the Karl Barth Society Newsletter?

Anyone who is interested in reviewing books for the Newsletter or anyone with announcements or information concerning Karl Barth’s theology or works about Karl Barth’s theology should contact Professor Paul D. Molnar so that he can publicize that information in the Newsletter.

10. Who can I email if I have additional questions?

If you have questions about Barth studies in general, please contact the Center for Barth Studies. If you have questions about the Karl Barth Society of North America in particular, please contact Professor Paul D. Molnar at [email protected].