How May I Contribute to the Karl Barth Collection?

The Karl Barth Research Collection in Special Collections welcomes contributions of dissertations, articles, and books by authors on Karl Barth.

The Karl Barth Research Collection is building an exhaustive collection of literature by and about Karl Barth. A Boxes of Articles in the Karl Barth Collection purpose of the collection is to allow scholars to survey all the literature written by and about Barth without traveling to Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Korea or other centers of Barth scholarship. The Barth Research Collection also seeks to acquire all primary and secondary literature listed in Hans Markus Wildi's Bibliographie Karl Barth, the definitive bibliographic resource for the study of Karl Barth.

Although the Barth Research Collection regularly acquires material through the Acquisitions Office of the Seminary Libraries, we rely on contributions of individual scholars to make certain that our holdings, especially of articles and dissertations, are complete and up-to-date. Scholars who donate copies of dissertations, articles, and books to the Barth Research Collection guarantee that their scholarship is represented in our collection and available for study by our residential and visiting scholars. All donated works will also be given fast-track entry into the Online Karl Barth Bibliography currently being developed by the Center for Barth Studies and the Theological University of Kampen, The Netherlands. The existence of such donated items will thus be made known to the wider community of Barth scholars long before the other scholarly indexes, such as the ATLA Religion Index, pick up references to those items.

Although Special Collections cannot provide a monetary appraisal of the donation, we will gladly send a letter acknowledging the gift.

Please send donated materials to:

The Karl Barth Research Collection
Special Collections
Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries
P.O. Box 111
Princeton, NJ 08542-0111

Our collection relies on the goodwill of scholars of Karl Barth to grow and expand. The Center for Barth Studies and the Karl Barth Research Collection thank you in advance for your consideration. If you have any questions, please email us .