Food and Beverage Policy - Wright Library

Food and Beverage Policy

Food and beverages are permitted in the Library under the following guidelines:

  • Food is permitted only in the Brick Café, Foyer (area between the Café and the Daniel J. Theron Assembly Room), Ph.D. kitchen area, Faculty Room, or employee lounges. Please clean the area promptly after eating and dispose of food refuse in appropriate designated trash containers.
  • Persons with food allergies need to be aware that food with allergens is consumed in the Café and may be present in other areas of the Library.
  • Beverages in closed/sealed containers are permitted throughout the library with the exception of the Microform Equipment, Copy Center and Special Collections Reading Room.
  • Catering for groups is permitted for various meetings scheduled in the Library only in the following locations:
    • Theron Room, Meeting Room 1010 – Catering served in area located next to main entrance
    • Alumni Room – Catering served on counter in room
    • Torrance Atrium – Catering served on lower level

Please report any spills as soon as possible to the Circulation Desk on the first floor to minimize possible damage to surfaces or materials.

This policy is in effect throughout the entire calendar year.

The Library reserves the right to ask persons not in compliance with this policy to leave the building. Repeat offenders will be denied entry to the building.

The Library reserves the right to suspend this policy for special events.

Effective May 10, 2017

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