Objective 2 – Stewardship of Human Resources

We will know we have succeeded when we have a fairly compensated, high-­‐performance workforce and a Seminary community that is united in seeking common institutional goals.

Strategy 1
Provide the tools and training (including the use of an expanded orientation program) employees need to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively; strengthen programs for incentive-­‐based compensation to reward achievement and excellence; and develop and implement a program for intentional retirement and succession planning.

Strategy 2
Utilize third-­‐party resources to assist with completion of a comprehensive review of the Seminary’s benefits (including work hours) and adjust as necessary to optimize costs/benefits within existing/forecast budget realities.

Strategy 3
Build and sustain all constituencies of the Seminary. Consider the following:
• Recognize employment milestones in a meaningful way.
• Improve community-­‐wide communication
• Evaluate programs like Navigating the Waters and other such initiatives to ensure effectiveness.
• Institute a Code of Conduct and implement it as a management tool.
• Provide more opportunities for interaction among Seminary constituencies.