Objective 2  

We will know that we are providing lifelong formation and professional development when, in close partnership with other seminaries and professional schools, PTS offers a rich set of cohort-­‐ based, technologically enabled courses of study in areas critical to the church that, at the same time, are recognized as enhancements to the careers of the participants.

Strategy 1
Construct and offer, in critically chosen areas, a set of structured, cohort-­‐based certificates (for clergy and laity) utilizing advanced technology to minimize travel to campus and to maintain and enhance the cohort experience.

Strategy 2
Vigorously explore the feasibility of offering, perhaps in conjunction with at least one other seminary, an in-­‐service degree to pastors. This degree should be designed as a radical departure from the prevalent in-­‐service degrees offered by other seminaries. It should have a significant non-­‐US component, and it should rely on synergies wherever possible, such as drawing for class work on a revitalized Th.M. curriculum.