We must affirm and increase our commitment to life-­‐long formation and professional development of church leaders, enhancing the institutional affinity of our graduates, and instituting career support through a strengthened alumni/ae network.

To fulfill our mission faithfully Princeton Theological Seminary needs to deepen and extend its relationship with its graduates and other church leaders throughout their entire careers. Research and experience reveal that pastors and those in other forms of ministry need lifelong sources of learning, inspiration, and renewal to help sustain their energy. We have the capacity to execute an authentic program of lifelong formation. Furthermore, our graduates have expressed a clear desire to see the Seminary offer a robust and re-­‐imagined cohort-­‐based, in-­‐service degree, which would allow the Seminary to initiate new partnerships, employ more innovative pedagogical strategies, and stay in closer touch with the reality of churches today. Finally, with the diminishing ability of denominational offices to offer career support, and the growing denominational diversity of our graduates, it will be a real benefit to provide robust career support for our alumni/ae – and it will be perceived as such.