Objective 1 
We will know we have addressed this imperative when we are able to articulate clearly the size and composition of the student cohort most fitting for Princeton Theological Seminary. 
Strategy 1
Determine the attributes of the students for whom the PTS educational experience would be a best fit. The following may be factors to consider in evaluating candidates through both written applications and interviews:
 • Writing ability
 • Educational preparation and teachability (including theological preparation)
 • Vocational direction
 • Maturity/stability
 • Leadership in the Church and in society
 • Match with PTS
 • Denominational diversity (taking account of the institution’s commitment both to denominational diversity and to the PCUSA)
 • Demographic diversity (e.g. racial/ethnic, age, gender)
 • Geographic diversity (domestic and international)
 • Theological diversity 
Strategy 2
Determine essential and sustainable enrollment goals for all masters’ degree programs, through analysis of mission, course enrollment, placement opportunities, physical plant, financial and human resources.