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General Admission Requirements for International Students

Princeton Theological Seminary applicants can apply using the online application for Masters Level programs which can be found at this link: and by clicking on the Apply Master’s link. Please note that Princeton Theological Seminary encourages international students to earn their Master of Divinity degrees in their home countries; thus international students are not normally admitted to the M.Div program. Exceptions may be made for suitably qualified applicants where the needs of the local church context support admission.

In addition to the admission application, international students are required to submit all original school records (transcripts) detailing the grades and conferral of degree(s). These records may be called various things in other countries such as relevé des notes, mark sheets, student books, etc., but in the United States are referred to as "transcripts." All records should show dates of attendance, subjects studied, grades (marks or final assessment) received, hours spent in lecture per week, and degrees or diplomas awarded. Certified photocopies of official records in the native language must be submitted along with certified word for word translations (where appropriate). Foreign language records will not be processed without a translation; and, an English translation will not be accepted without the copy of the original. On occasion, the Seminary may use professional agencies to evaluate academic credentials submitted with the application.

Princeton Theological Seminary cannot accept responsibility for the safeguarding of original documents. Once you submit these original documents, they become part of your admissions file with the institution and cannot be returned to you. Please do not send original diplomas or any records that cannot be replaced.

Here are some additional guidelines to use in completing several portions of the application:

Autobiographical Essay - The purpose of the essay is to give the admissions committee a clear picture of your background, and your ability to write correctly in English. The essay is to be written by you, in your own words. It should detail your vocational interests, goals and how the degree will enhance your preparation.

Letter of Endorsement - This letter should be obtained from the pastor or ecclesial officer of the church in which you are currently a member. You may request the General Secretary, Executive Presbyter and or Bishop of your denominational affiliation to prepare the endorsement. Please have the individual submit the Endorsement Form and include an additional narrative page that will respond to the questions requested on the Letter of Endorsement form.

Letters of Reference - These should be obtained from present or former teachers (in most instances) who are familiar with your academic background. Relatives may not be used for the endorsement or as a reference. Also, the same person may not write both the endorsement and a reference letter. The form in which the letter is to be written is included on the online application.

Application Fee - A fee is required to be submitted along with your application. This fee will cover the costs for processing the application for admission.

English Proficiency

Princeton Theological Seminary requires that applicants for whom English is not a primary language take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Such applicants should register for the TOEFL at the earliest opportunity, as scoring and processing take considerable time and the results must be received by January 30. On some dates when the TOEFL exam is administered, the TWE (Test of Written English) is given at no additional charge. The TOEFL code is 2671. If possible, please schedule the TOEFL on a date that includes the TWE. For more TOEFL information, please visit

There are three different methods of taking the test. The Seminary’s minimum scores for each method are as follows:

  1. If you take the paper-based test: A minimum TOEFL score of 580 is required along with a minimum score of 57-reading, 59-writing, and 58-listening.
  2. If you take the computer-based test: A minimum score of 250 is required along with a minimum score of 23-reading, 26-writing, 23-listening and an essay rating of 5.
  3. If you take the internet-based test: A minimum total score of 92 is required along with a minimum score of 23 on all four parts - reading, listening, writing, and speaking.