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Program Information

Master of Divinity (M.Div)

The three-year MDiv program is the foundational professional degree for ministry. It is designed to prepare students for the diverse ministries of congregational leadership, for graduate study in theology and related disciplines, for various types of chaplaincy, for mission work at home and abroad, and for other forms of church vocation. The curriculum is rooted in a broad theological foundation while still allowing flexibility and independence for each particular student and his or her goals. Alongside classroom preparation there is required hands-on ministry experience. There is a minimum of one yearlong and one summer field education placement, one of which must be in a church. The student chooses these field education placements, so that their ministerial education can best fit their vocational call.

Joint MDiv and MSW Program in Ministry and Social Work
A joint program leading to the Master of Divinity degree from the Seminary and the Master of Social Work degree from Rutgers University’s Graduate School of Social Work is available for students who expect to enter forms of ministry requiring competence both in the disciplines of theology and in those associated with social work. MDiv students interested in the joint program should inquire about the program early during their junior year and then apply in January of their middler year. In consultation with the registrar, the MDiv requirements are completed as usual in the first three years. Immediately following the granting of the MDiv degree, the student enters the summer session at the Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work with advanced standing and may complete all requirements for the MSW earlier than might otherwise be the case, ordinarily by the end of the fourth academic year.

Master of Arts Program

The two-year Master of Arts program in the area of Christian education includes basic studies in Bible, theology, church history, and practical theology. Students choose from one of three tracks: teaching, youth and young adult ministries, or spiritual formation and mission. Each track attends to philosophical, cultural, developmental, and procedural dimensions of Christian education and formation. The MA is designed to prepare students for the ministry of education and formation in congregational and institutional settings and to provide training for teaching the Christian religion in church or secular schools. The MA is a professional degree with optional field education experience.

Master of Divinity/Master of Arts Dual

The four-year MDiv/MA dual-degree program is designed for students who at the time of application know they wish to emphasize teaching, youth and young adult ministries, or spiritual formation and mission in their program. The studies are coordinated from the outset to integrate preparation for ministry in the church with a specialization in teaching, youth and young adult ministries, or spiritual formation and mission. The requirements for the two programs are unchanged; however, they are now integrated to provide greater proficiency in the chosen specialization. There are three tracks in the dual-degree program. The Teaching Track is for students who are pursuing a call in teaching, whether in churches, higher education, or private elementary or secondary schools. The Youth and Young Adult Ministries Track is for students who feel a call to mission and discipleship formation with youth or emerging adults. The Spiritual Formation and Mission Track is for students who find their vocational calling in spiritual growth and outreach, including spiritual direction and evangelism.

Master of Theology Program

Applicants for this program are required to have obtained a Master of Divinity degree. The program of studies for the degree of Master of Theology is designed for students who wish to improve or deepen their preparation for ministry beyond the level reached by their MDiv degree, or who desire to acquire a preparation for specialized ministries of the church. This is a one-year degree program and candidates will choose to concentrate in one of the following areas, which are organized under five broad categories: Biblical Studies: Old Testament or New Testament; History: Church History or Mission, Ecumenics, History of Religions (MEHR); Theology: Philosophy and Theology, Christian Ethics, or Systematic Theology; Practical Theology: Education and Formation, Pastoral Care, Preaching, or Worship Studies; Religion and Society.


A two-year program for the degree of Master of Arts (Theological Studies) enables students to possess baseline knowledge and judgment appropriate to an initial graduate level degree in theological studies. This program includes basic studies in Bible, theology, church history, and practical theology with a specialization in one of the disciplines of theological scholarship.

Learning Goals

In service to the mission of Princeton Theological Seminary, graduates of the Master of Arts (Theological Studies) Program will be able to:

  1. Integrate a basic competence in the classical theological disciplines into a dynamic theological understanding that is both theoretically rich and practically nuanced.
  2. Demonstrate a specific competence in a dimension of the theological curriculum.
  3. Evidence a critical awareness of their own culture through discerning engagement with diverse cultural contexts in an increasingly globalized society.
  4. Display the ability and inclination to maintain the practices of critical reflection and spiritual discipline necessary for continuing personal and spiritual formation throughout a lifetime of learning.

Residency The MA(TS) program will be completed in residence at Princeton Seminary in two successive academic years. Domestic ministerial practitioners may petition the Admissions Committee to work toward the completion of the degree on a part-time basis and not to exceed eight years (i.e. one course per semester). Get more information HERE, including curriculum details

Doctor of Philosophy Program

The Doctor of Philosophy program is designed to prepare men and women for independent scholarship in various dimensions of the study of religion and for teaching in colleges and seminaries. The PhD program of Princeton Theological Seminary forms scholars, servants, and leaders of the church and the academy through constructive, critical engagement with the Christian tradition in its complexity and diversity, and, where appropriate, in conversation with other religious and intellectual traditions in their multiplicity and variety. Holding together love of God and love of learning in a single vision, Princeton’s program nurtures excellence in (1) research and writing, (2) teaching, and (3) academic citizenship.

There are twelve fields of study in the PhD program, organized in five broad areas:

  • Biblical Studies
    • Old Testament
    • New Testament
  • History and Ecumenics
    • Church History and History of Doctrine
    • Mission, Ecumenics, and History of Religions
  • Theology
    • Systematic Theology
    • Philosophy and Theology
    • Christian Ethics
    • History of Doctrine
  • Practical Theology
    • Christian Education
    • Pastoral Theology
    • Homiletics
  • Religion and Society

Re-Applying to Princeton Seminary's Master's-Level Programs
Get more information on re-applying to PTS Master's-Level programs HERE