Richard Armstrong, Ralph B. and Helen S. Ashenfelter Professor of Ministry and Evangelism Emeritus, was moderator of “Faith Perspectives: Caring for the Natural World” at the Johnson Education Center for the D&R Greenway Land Trust in Princeton in January. The conversation was led by a multi-faith panel of religious leaders from the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, and Bahá’í faiths. Scott Sheldon, former director of development at PTS, is now director of gifts and grants at the Johnson Education Center.
Clifton Black delivered an invited paper, “American Scriptures,” last April at the annual meeting in Princeton of the American Theological Society. A revised version of his paper is scheduled for publication in Theology Today.

In October Black delivered a series of lectures and sermons for the fiftieth annual Finch Preaching Mission at Memorial United Methodist Church, his home congregation in Thomasville, North Carolina.

James H. Charlesworth, while in Israel working on the Dead Sea Scrolls, was interviewed live on January 7 for the Drew Mariani Show featured on Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Relevant Radio about the discovery of archaeological evidence of a dwelling found in Nazareth that dates back to the time of Christ. This find was also featured on Fox News just before Christmas.

In March Charlesworth presented the Chuen King Lectures in China, and also lectured in Beijing, Shankai, and Seoul, on the theme “Dead Sea Scrolls and Christian Origins.” The lectureship aimed to promote biblical studies from the perspective of understanding biblical text in its original context and interpreting the text in our contemporary contexts.

Darrell Guder, dean of academic affairs and author of Missional Church, was the keynote speaker for the eighth annual mission conference of the Presbytery of Santa Barbara held in January.

George Hunsinger delivered the Dunning Lecture at the Ecumenical Institute of Theology, St. Mary’s Seminary and University, in Baltimore, Maryland, in October. The topic was “Torture and Christians.”

In December, Hunsinger also gave a lecture at Princeton University as part of the Crossroads of Religion and Politics Public Talks. His lecture title was “Violence Finds Refuge in Falsehood: American Democracy and the Future of Torture.”

Cleo LaRue was a guest preacher at churches in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, and Ketchikan, Alaska, this fall.

Bo Karen Lee delivered lectures in November at Heidelberg University and at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Both lectures were on the topic “Sacrifice and Desire: The Rhetoric of Self-Denial in the Mystical Theologies of Anna Maria van Schurman and Madame Jeanne Guyon.”

Sang Hyun Lee preached a sermon in November at the 150th anniversary of Horace G. Underwood’s birth. The celebration was held at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Underwood helped form what is now the Korean Presbyterian Church, as well as many educational institutions in Korea. He also helped to create a Korean-English dictionary, and assisted in a translation of the Bible into Korean.

Elsie Anne McKee presented the 2009 Smyth Lectures in October at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. Her lecture series was titled “Rediscovering Calvin the Pastor.”

Luke Powery was the lead interviewer in February for “Beyond the Books: A Conversation with Professor Cornel West about his Faith,” an event held at Princeton University.

He also presented two lectures that month as part of a continuing education program at Presbyterian College, McGill University, in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, on the topic “Prophesy to the Bones: Preaching as a Ministry of Hope.”

Leong Seow lectured on “The History of Consequences” at the Georg August Universitaet in Göttingen, Germany, in December.

Loren Stuckenbruck presented a lecture series at Regent University School of Divinity in Virginia in October. His titles were “The Demonology of the Dead Sea Scrolls,” “The Holy Spirit and the Birth of Jesus,” and “Apocrypha and the Septuagint: Exploring the Christian Canon.”

Ross Wagner co-led the thirty-fourth annual Whitworth Institute of Ministry in July on the Whitworth University campus in Spokane, Washington. He led worship services, Bible hours, and workshops.