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Princeton Seminary Top Generator of PhD Faculty at Theological Schools

As director of Ph.D. Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary, let me share with you what I believe to be unique strengths of our doctoral program. We have an outstanding faculty with expertise across traditional theological disciplines and in dialogue with secular disciplines and contemporary concerns. We are a free-standing theological seminary rooted in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.); many of our faculty and students belong to churches of the Calvinist tradition and work from its dynamic theological heritage; yet others represent a wide variety of other Christian traditions, providing a richly ecumenical dialogue. Our doctoral program offers opportunities not only to study a field in depth, but also to pursue interdisciplinary study both within the Seminary and at Princeton University. Our library is one of the nation's largest theological libraries, and both faculty and students enjoy full access to the libraries of Princeton University as well. We live in a peaceful and beautiful town in central New Jersey—yet we are within an hour of the social and cultural riches of New York and Philadelphia. You might say we have the “best of both worlds.”

“Our faculty has recently collaborated in crafting a statement of our vision for the doctoral program. I think it expresses very well the way in which we aspire to negotiate a fruitful place between church and world to educate scholars, teachers, and leaders at the highest academic level. Its keynote is:

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