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Sites that have participated in the International Program
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Association of the Children of Bethlehem

Offers daily care to children of age 0 to 5 years old who are victims of the HIV/AIDS virus. The children receive clinical and educational services, social, psychological and spiritual supportive services along with leisure and sports activity. The same services and assistance is provided to members of the children's family with special attention given to the pregnant women, in order to avoid the vertical contamination of their newborn babies. We provide assistance to children ages 0-17 years old who are victims of ill-treatment (violence, abuse, neglect etc), where often their families are the aggressors. We serve 40 children that fall under our responsibility in Refugio which provides homes for the children who are cared by house parents.



Christ Presbyterian Church, Akuapem Akropong, Ghana


Christ Presbyterian Church, Akuapem Akropong, Ghana  The congregation is comprised of indigenous people, most of whom are adults. But the youth and young adult presence is very strong.


Academy of Integrated Christian Studies (AICS)/Gilead Baptist Church

Academy of Integrated Christian Studies (AICS)/Gilead Baptist Church is located in Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram, one of the states of India.



India Sunday School Union


The India Sunday School Union (ISSU) was formed in 1876 at a conference of eight missionary bodies at Allahabad under the leadership of Rev Dr T.J. Scott, a Methodist educator. From its inception ISSU has actively promoted Christian education and nurture through its curriculum and training programmes.

Kodiakanal International School

'Kodaikanal International School is an autonomous residential school with a broad college-oriented curriculum, serving young people from a wide diversity of cultures. The School's academic program is intentionally set within a community life based on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and devoted to service in India and the whole human community.'



Hope united Church, Kingston, Jamaica


Fairly Large Church with Prep school on the Compound close to the University Campus. Lots of work in basic Pastoral Ministry with opportunity for administration and planning skills. Committed congregation open to new ideas.

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Asian Rural Institute, Tochigi-ken, Japan


Jintaro Ueda (Anglican) - This specialized ministry placement is an intentional community of mostly Asian men and women studying and practicing rural farming and development techniques. ARI works to train rural community leaders in the love of Christ and to facilitate the self-development of marginalized people.

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Tokyo Union Church, Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo Union Church is an international, English-language congregation and well into its second century of ministry to Christians from many nationalities, races and denominations.  Tokyo Union Church has ministered in Tokyo for 135 years.

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Providence Baptist Church, Monrovia, Liberia

Large historical congregation. - Oldest congregation in Liberia, one of the oldest in Africa. - Declaration of Independence was signed here.

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groomsport flyer 2015

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Groomsport Presbyterian Church, Groomsport, N. Ireland

Groomsport is a village community set on the edge of a larger town, Bangor. About half the congregation live in Bangor. We are largely a suburban congregation as well as serving a village community.  The Presbyterian Church in Groomsport was established in 1841 with 150 subscribers under its first minister, Rev. Isaac Mack. Church services were held in the home of a parishioner at 17 Main Street until a site was acquired on the same street, in June 1841.  The Church was officially opened in 1843, with the bell tower and clock gifted a few years later.  Today the congregation consists of more than 450 families, some of which lived in the area for generations. 

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Iglesia Presbiteriana Bayamon, Puerto Rico


Iglesia Presbiteriana Bayamón, Puerto Rico is a growing church in the San Juan metropolitan area, serving Bayamón City for the past 48 years


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Mwana Ukundwa (AMU) Beloved Child Association

We have been working with more than 50 churches in the program called integral missions which helps the churches of Africa to come out of poverty by using their hands. As well as HIV / AIDS program. A.M.U soccer boys team has got East African cup which composed with Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi. Other accomplishments are on our website

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Mowbray Presbyterian Church, Capetown, South Africa

Family church, close to university, inter-cultural, international, inter-generational, contemporary/traditional worship.

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St. Columba’s Presbyterian Church, Johannesburg, South Africa

  St. Columba's Presbyterian Church Johannesburg, S. Africa has a generalist position in a large suburban congregation. The emphasis on a two-fold commitment to Jesus as Savior and Lord and his love of the world.

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St. Mungo's United Church, Bryanston, South Africa

OUR PURPOSE to know the Lord Jesus intimately to share His love and truth passionately.

WHAT WE ARE BECOMING: OUR VISION A fellowship of Christian people: - who put God first in their lives who are sure of their faith and able to express it - who are growing in knowledge and character through the teaching of the Bible and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit - who care deeply that others know Jesus Christ - who reach out in compassion to those who hurt - and through the power of the Holy Spirit bring healing and dignity - who impact society with Christian values and moral standards.

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Young Adult Volunteers PTS working in cooperation with YAV PC(USA)