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Resident Students

James Edward Walters, Ph.D. student (Church History,  Early Church)

Aaron W. Sizer, Ph.D. candidate (Church History, American)

Inseo Song, Ph.D. student (Church History, Reformation)

Nicole Cheri Kirk, Ph.D. candidate (Church History, American)

Yoshiyuki Kato, Ph.D. student (Church History, Reformation)

Daved Anthony Schmidt, Ph.D. student (Church History, American)

Jason Scott Bruner, Ph.D. student (Church History, Modern European)

Courtney Palmbush, Ph.D. student (History of Doctrine, Medieval)

Jeremy David Wallace, Ph.D. candidate (History of Doctrine, Early Church)

Carmen Evelyn Maier, Ph.D. candidate (History of Doctrine, Early Church)

David Steven Sytsma, Ph.D. candidate (Church History, Reformation)

Deanna Kristin Ferree Womack, Ph.D. student (MEHR)

Seong Sik Heo, Ph.D. candidate (MEHR)

Philip Forness, Ph.D student (Church History, Early Church)

Mark Dixon, Ph.D student (Church History, Reformation)

Gordon Govens, Ph.D student (Church History, Reformation)