Black, Clifton

Otto A. Piper Professor of Biblical Theology
Department of Biblical Studies
107 Hodge Hall
Phone: 609.497.7762
Fax: 609.497.7728
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 Clifton Black, Princeton Theological Seminary’s Otto A. Piper Professor of Biblical Theology, earned his M.A. in Theology from the University of Bristol, the M.Div. from Emory University, and his Ph.D. from Duke University. He is an ordained elder in the Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church. Though his research interests concentrate in the New Testament’s Gospels, particularly in Mark, he publishes in a wide range of fields that include biblical theology, New Testament rhetoric, and the history of biblical interpretation. Likewise, the array of courses he regularly offers is broad: New Testament introduction, the exegesis of Mark’s Gospel, biblical theology and the practice of ministry, the parables of Jesus, major themes in New Testament theology, the Biblical and Shakespearean visions, prayer in the New Testament, and several seminars at the doctoral level.


Professor Black is the author, editor, or collaborating author of eight books, including The Disciples According to Mark (1989), Mark: Images of an Apostolic Interpreter (1994; 2001), Exploring the Gospel of John (1996), The Eighth Day of Creation (2008), and the sixth edition of the widely used textbook, Anatomy of the New Testament (2007). A founding editor of The New Testament Library (Westminster John Knox, 1996– ), PAIDEIA Commentaries (Baker Academic, 2004– ), and Book Editor of Theology Today (2001–06), he currently serves as an associate editor of The Catholic Biblical Quarterly and Horizons in Biblical Theology. Black has published some 200 essays, articles, and reviews in many books and such periodicals as the Journal of Biblical Literature, Interpretation, Novum Testamentum, The Harvard Theological Review, The Scottish Journal of Theology, The Expository Times, The Journal of Theological Studies, and Pro Ecclesia. He is a regular contributor of exegetical and reference resources for pastors and teachers in the church, such as The New Interpreter’s Bible (1998), The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible (2009), and The New Interpreter’s One–Volume Commentary on the Bible (forthcoming). His current projects include the Abingdon New Testament Commentary on Mark, a commentary on The Lord’s Prayer 

WJK Interpretation Supplements), and a programmatic monograph on scriptural theology.

Professor Black is an active member of the Society of Biblical Literature, Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, the American Theological Society, the Center of Theological Inquiry, and the American Association of University Professors. Like his Princeton Seminary colleagues, he delivers lectures and sermons to scholars and pastors, students and laity, throughout the United States and abroad.