Ph.D. Seminars 2013-14 — Theology, Ethics and Philosophy

PH9040 Hume and Nietzsche: Christianity's Philosophical Critics

In the history of philosophy, two figures stand out as the most challenging critics of the Christian religion, David Hume (1711-1776) and Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). Both present serious challenges to Christian faith that call for a response, but are not easily answered. The purpose of this course is to enable students both to understand fully the nature and the force of these challenges and to be able to formulate cogent responses. 3 credits.

Spring Semester, 2013-2014 Mr. Graham.


ET9010 Aquinas on Law and the Virtues

This seminar will consider the account of law and the virtues-acquired and infused, natural and theological-that Aquinas develops in the secunda pars of the Summa Theologiae. Special attention will be given to the theological substance of that account, to its philosophical warrants, to the options he refused, and to con¬temporary exegetical disputes. 3 credits.

Spring Semester, 2013-2014; Mr. Bowlin


TH9056 Theology and the Challenge of Interdisciplinary Reflection

Focus on the unique place of theology in the current interdisciplinary and cross-cultural conversation. The special challenge will be to revision the public nature of theological reflection in a pluralist, postmodern context where rigid, modernist dis¬ciplinary distinctions seem to be breaking down and new spaces open up for the¬ology's conversation with contemporary culture. In dialogue with contemporary theologies, philosophy, and philosophy of science, a theory of interdisciplinarity will be developed that will enable theologians to enter interdisciplinary conversa¬tions with personal faith commitment intact, while at the same time transcending the boundaries of disciplinary and cultural traditions. 3 credits.

Fall Semester, 2013-2014; Mr. van Huyssteen


TH9060 Readings in Hans Urs von Balthasar's Theo-drama

The topic of the seminar will be the doctrines of God, Trinity, and Christology in the theology of von Balthasar. Some comparison with other, post-Barthian develop-ments-especially in Catholic theology-will be undertaken (e.g. Rahner, Kaspar, Schoonenberg, et. al.) 3 credits.

Fall Semester 2013-2014; Mr. McCormack


TH9090 Seminar in Missional and Ecumenical Theology: The Missional and Ecumenical Legacy of John Mackay

In view of the publication of the biography of John Mackay by John Metzger, the seminar will explore the ongoing significance of Mackay's missiological and ecu-menical publications in the light of the various contexts within which he worked. 3 credits.

Fall Semester, 2013-2014; Mr. Guder


Seminars Previously Offered


ET9030 Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Theology and Ethics

This seminar will examine the major works of Dietrich BonhoefferlSantorum Communio, Act and Being, Discipleship, Ethics, and Letters and Paper's from Prison. Attention will also be given to Bonhoeffer scholars such as Eberhard Bethge, Clifford Green, Ernst Feil, and Charles Marsh. Of particular interest will be the inter¬section of Bonhoeffer's theology and ethics and its significance for his time and our own. 3 credits.

Spring Semester, 2012-2013; Ms. Duff


TH9026 Reading in Augustine of Hippo

This advanced seminar will be an in-depth reading of selected works of Augustine of Hippo and appropriate scholarship on them to be determined in consultation with students. Students with particular interests should convey them to the instructor at their earliest convenience.

Spring Semester, 2012-2013; Ms. Charry


TH9035 The Theology of Calvin

Topic of the seminar: Calvin's Institutes with reference to his biblical commentaries. 3 credits.

Fall Semester, 2012-2013; Mr. Hunsinger


TH9086 Theology, Hermeneutics, and the Religions

Readings in hermeneutics, religion, and the religions. Both comparative and theo-retical approaches will be considered. The seminar is designed to enable students to prepare for comprehensive examinations in both the Theology Department and the Religion and Society Program. 3 credits.

Spring Semester, 2012-2013; Mr. Johnson