Note: The works listed on these pages were all published in the last few years. Complete lists of publications can be found on the CVs of individual Faculty members.

BOOKS 2011-2015


John Bowlin

Kuyper Center Review, Volume 2 ‘Revelation and Common Grace', (editor) Wm B Eerdmans, 2012

Ellen Charry

Theological Commentary on Palms 1-50: Sighs and Songs of Israel, Brazos Press, 2015
The Austin Dogmatics of Paul van Buren 1957-58, (ed.). Cascade Press, 2012.

Gordon Graham

Scottish Philosophy in the 19th and 20th Centuries(ed.), Oxford University Press, 2015
Kuyper Center Review, Volume 5 ‘ Church and Academy',  (ed.) Wm B Eerdmans, 2015
Wittgenstein and Natural Religion, Oxford University Press, 2014
Kuyper Center Review, Volume 3 'Calvinism and Culture', (ed.) Wm B Eerdmans, 2013.
Theories of Ethics, Routledge New York, 2011

George Hunsinger

Conversational Theology: Essays on Ecumenical, Postliberal, and Political Themes, with Special Reference to Karl Barth, T&T Clark, 2015
Evangelical, Catholic, and Reformed: Essays on Barth and Other Theme, Wm B Eerdmans, 2015
Reading Barth with Charity: A Hermeneutical Proposal, Baker Academic, 2015
The Beatitudes, Paulist Press, 2015

William Stacy Johnson

A Time to Embrace: Same Sex Relationships in Religion, Law, and Politics. Second Edition. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2012.

Bruce McCormack

with Kelly M. Kapic eds., Mapping Modern Theology: A Thematic and Historical Introduction Baker Academic, 2012.
with Clifford B. Anderson, eds., Karl Barth and American Evangelicalism William B. Eerdmans, 2011.

Mark Lewis Taylor

The Theological and the Political: On the Weight of the World, Fortress Press, 2011