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Wednesday, March 20

Romans 10:14-21


Before I knew I wanted to come to seminary, I wanted to be a podiatrist. Yes, you read that right--I wanted to care for people’s feet. Unlike the many people who think feet are disgusting, I love feet. I realize this is an odd thing to admit in a Lenten devotional; but I think a good case can be made for feet.

I like feet because I think that our feet tell stories--stories of the places we have been, of the lives that we lead, and of the trials that we have encountered. Some feet are covered in calluses, bearing witness to the many years a person was a runner or dancer. Some feet have mud stained soles even when washed, because the person trudged barefoot down a mud road every day of his or her life. Some bear scars, or crooked toes that tell of the pounding that life has been for them. Some feet are perfectly manicured and attest to the hope that tomorrow might bring the opportunity to kick up one’s feet and relax. Our feet tell a story--a beautiful story of the places we have been and the places we are going.

Yes, I love feet. But, I am not alone in my appreciation of feet. God is also a fan. Romans 10:15 says, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” This should be of no surprise to us--God has always loved things that the world does not like. Yet, while I am not surprised by God’s appreciation of feet, I am always struck by this verse. The feet that brought the gospel to towns during the first century were likely absolutely disgusting. Traveling in those days was not easy, and I can only imagine how dusty and rugged somebody’s feet would be upon entering a town after a long voyage. But, God takes one look at those callused, dirt-caked, gnarly, broken-in feet and declares that they are beautiful. These feet belong to somebody who suffered for the sake of neighbors and enemies. These feet belong to somebody who was driven to keep walking, even when the road got rough. These feet--these disgusting feet--brought the gospel. And, for the story they tell, these feet are beautiful. Thanks be to God.

Seminary Deacon Petra Wahnefried


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