Talk with the Director of Student Counseling about “Self-Quest”, a free, online course by Dr. Margaret Paul. 


 “Stop letting daily stresses and unresolved issues dominate your inner conversations”. Through the Self-Quest course you will learn Inner Bonding, a powerful journaling process for conversation between our core self, our autopilot self, our loving adult self, and God (Inner Bonding® Educational Technologies, Inc.)


Dr. Paul: “Self-abandonment is the core issue behind anxiety, depression, anger, addictions, and relationship problems and leads to feeling like a victim, while Inner Bonding leads to emotional freedom and personal empowerment”. How would you know if you want to pursue the Self-Quest course? You can receive some handouts from the Director of Student Counseling or borrow Inner Bonding or The Healing Your Aloneness Workbook from the Counseling Lending Library in Scheide Hall. Or go to and open the link to the free, 7-day Inner Bonding ecourse overview of this approach (this is not the Self-Quest course but will acquaint you with the method and key concepts).


Margaret Paul recommends taking your time with the Self-Quest course, e.g., 20-30 minutes/day for two to three months to absorb this comprehensive approach gradually and well. Many seminarians and seminary spouses have worked with Inner Bonding in the last decade and have found it life-changing, but it does take time to learn. Many incorporated this way of journaling in daily devotions as seeking God’s wisdom and love is part of the Inner Bonding dialogue process. If you want to take the course, please email the Director of Student Counseling at [email protected]


The course is free for our community, as Dr. Paul has offered to make PTS a field-testing site for Self-Quest. The only requirement is taking a brief pre-test and re-taking it after completing the course. You can work on the course at your convenience via the encrypted password assigned to you after taking the pre-test. This course is a valuable adjunct to counseling, life coaching or spiritual direction, or can be pursued on its own. After using the journaling process for a period of time, you will have it inside you to inform your decisions, thoughts, and interactions moment by moment.