Wellness Life Coaching, is new on campus this year, provided by Julie Collins, MA, is a collaborative, dynamic, self-discovery and self-study process that incorporates “the wisdom of the body itself” and leads to positive change. Often we already know what will improve our health and wellbeing but habitual thoughts and behaviors get in the way. A coach helps us work on small health or lifestyle goals in a structure of encouragement and accountability. The focus may include anxiety, getting good sleep, weight management, eating or digestion issues, nutritional improvement, smoking cessation, or dealing with chronic health challenges. Julie can help with stress, exercise, procrastination & time management, self-care, life/work balance, and boundary-setting.

Wellness Life Coaching Group
Julie will facilitate a six-session Wellness Group spring semester for those who would enjoy peer-support. The fee is $30 for those in the SHBP and $42 otherwise. Financial aid is available.

A FREE FIRST SESSION in February can help you get off to a great start in 2013! Thereafter, the fee is $10/session for those in the SHBP and $15 otherwise. Referrals are through the Office of Student Counseling.