Should I pursue both counseling and spiritual direction?  What is the difference between them?

It is often beneficial to pursue both as counseling does not always include a spiritual dimension.  Individual direction is typically only once/month so it does not add much more time.


Can I start direction anytime, or do I need to wait until the beginning of a semester?

You can start anytime you are ready including in the summer. 


What does individual direction cost?

Individual direction for those enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan costs $15 per session on campus and $10 per session if you meet the director in their off campus office.Those not in the SBHP will work out the cost with their director. The Director of Student Counseling can help find a good fit in a director including with regard to the fee if finances are an issue.Fees are paid to the director at the time of each session.


What does group direction cost?

Group direction costs $5 per session for those enrolled in the SHBP and $7 per session for those who are not enrolled.  Typically, groups meet for 6 sessions and the fee is billed to student accounts at the beginning.  Groups can resume for another 6 sessions or for the rest of the year, and some groups will continue together beyond that.


How do I get started in individual or group direction?