Self-Care & Wellness Assessment  

The Office of Student Counseling invites you to fill out the Self-Care and Wellness Assessment and Goal-Setting Tool to assess your strengths and growth areas in four overlapping aspects of wellness.  After filling out the inventory, please prayerfully consider setting a few goals for the next weeks to help you experience more balance and well-being.  A friend, partner, mentor or counselor can help you shape and stick to a personal self-care plan.


You may also want to meet with Wellness Life Coach Julie Collins on campus by referral from the Office of Student Counseling. If you meet 6-8 times with Julie or another counselor, or participate in a wellness, support or accountability group, you may be eligible to receive a Wholistic Health Program Certificate. Committees overseeing your preparation for ministry will value your initiative around self-care.


Be sure your goals are your goals.  If you set a self-care intention which feels like a "should", you may be setting the bar too high, too soon.  Patiently pray through your "shoulds" to soften them into goals you want to achieve.  It is better to set doable goals than to reach too far out of your comfort zone and become frustrated.  Try to be affirming, self-compassionate and persistent as you coach yourself toward your good intentions.  You might want to limit yourself to  no more than a handful of goals.  As habits form and you feel energized, you can always add another goal or two. 


Stress and Anxiety Management Seminar

Led by PTS Wellness Life Coach Julie Collins, this free, 4-6 session seminar will provide information, tools, and support for reducing stress and anxiety.  Both didactic and experiential, participants will learn about the dynamics and neuroscience of stress, anxiety, and making lifestyle changes. They will  practice mindfulness to notice the signals and wisdom of the body. Julie will present surprising truths from Kellie McGonigal's book, Harnessing Your Willpower For Change.  This on campus seminar will be offered throughout the year, whenever there are 4 people ready to begin.  Email [email protected], or come to Scheide Hall to set up a free, individual session to see if the seminar is a good fit for you.


Inventory of Emotional/Spiritual Maturity

"Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" is a group whose mission is to connect emotional health with Biblical spirituality in order to transform leaders, relationships, churches and organizations.  Their website, includes a free self-assessment.  Their book, The Emotionally Healthy Church is in the Counseling Lending library in Scheide Hall.


Finding Your Purpose in Life

You can find a series of thought-provoking questions in, Never Be Lonely Again: The Way Out of Emptiness, Isolation, and a Life Fulfilled by Pat Love and Jon Carlson, which is in the Counseling Lending Library. This is one of a number of books on vocation and discernment of call.  Click on the Lending Library tab on the right to see all the resources.


Myers Briggs Personality Profile

Brief, Free Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment

This link is to a free and brief version of this assessment tool.  Books in the Counseling lending library can provide more information about each of the 16 personality types.