The Connections project provides sustained mentoring for participants in the Certificate in Youth and Theology program. (To learn more about this program click here.) These participants demonstrate a commitment to sustained theological education and training in youth ministry. Connections Project mentors are veteran practitioners or theologians working in youth ministry who integrate rich theological reflection with sustainable and effective youth ministry practices.

Mentors are selected in conversation with the mentee and the mentees’ Sr. Pastor. The Connections Project pays for mentors to attend one Forum together with their mentee. Following this Forum, mentor/mentees pairs meet at least nine times in the course of the year. These meetings are focused on the particular experiences of the mentee and on helping the mentee in ministry and vocational development.

The Connections Project supports mentors with training and access to resources including printed material and webinars. In addition, individual mentors are connected to each other to form a community of mentors who reflect together on effective mentoring in youth ministry. Their collective experience will help shape a significant study on mentoring and youth ministry that will be produced by The Connections Project.

To learn more about Mentoring or to inquire about being a mentor, please contact The Connections Project.