OMG: A Youth Ministry Handbook Supplements

Because no single book speaks adequately to every situation in ministry, we offer these supplements in order to address your particular pastoral needs and social contexts. If no supplement exists that you find useful, we invite you to submit one, following the publication guidelines found on this page.

 Instructions and Template for submitting a supplement

 An African American Female Perspective, by Tonya Lawrence
Young African American females matter. Yet, they are often relegated to the margins along with their hopes and dreams. This supplement engages OMG from the perspective of this particular group, explores some of the reasons for their marginalization and offers a few recommendations to alter their reality so that their dreams may be realized. Click here for PDF

 Third Culture Kids Living in Europe, by Jason Santos
Working with young people in Europe? Ever heard of the acronym TCK? Wondering how OMG relates to your international ministry? This supplement endeavors to identify, explore, and clarify key issues and passages from OMG with the hope of making the book more relevant for your unique ministry with Third Culture Kids in a European context. Click here for PDF

 Children’s Ministry in Mid to Large Churches, by Ryan Timpte
Much of today's research on youth and young adults is also relevant for those working in children's ministry. This supplement explores the ways in which children's ministers in mid-to-large churches can adapt, engage, and respond to the rich body of material presented in OMG. Click here for PDF