The Princeton Lectures on Youth, Church and Culture

The Princeton Lectures on Youth, Church, and Culture foster original scholarship pertaining to youth and the contemporary church. Published annually, the Princeton Lectures on Youth, Church, and Culture are first presented in conjunction with the Princeton Forums on Youth Ministry. Published in print and distributed to ATS libraries from 1996 – 2006, they are now published online. All past lectures are available here for download.

Permission to post the Princeton Lectures on Youth, Church, and Culture on this website has been granted. This anthology is copyright by Princeton Theological Seminary, 1996-2007. The authors retain copyright to their individual lectures. All lectures are in PDF format. Get Adobe here

1996 Lectures  Christ and the Adolescent: A Theological Approach to Youth Ministry
1997 Lectures  At-Risk Youth, At-Risk Church: What Jesus Christ and American Teenagers are Saying to the Mainline Church
1998 Lectures  Growing Up Postmodern: Imitating Christ in the Age of "Whatever"
1999 Lectures  An Unexpected Prophet: What the 21st-Century Church Can Learn from Youth Ministry
2000 Lectures  Life Together: Practicing Faith with Adolescents
2001 Lectures  Proclaiming the Gospel in a Wired World
2002 Lectures  Compass Points: Navigating Vocation
2003 Lectures  Building Bridges
2004 Lectures  Longing for God: Youth and the Quest for a Passionate Church
2005 Lectures  With Imagination and Love: Leadership in Youth Ministry
2006 Lectures  For Such a Time as This (Esther 4:14)
2007 Lectures  Community
2008 Lectures  And You Will Be My Witnesses...
2009 Lectures  Sharing Not Only the Gospel but Also Our Lives
2009/2010 Lectures  Hope