Princeton Forum on Youth Ministry
St. Simons Island, GA
January 28-31, 2013

Extended Seminars

Extended seminars are three-day courses, 75 minutes each day.
Participants should select one extended seminar.

A. Doxology and Discipleship Fred Edie

What can Christian worship teach us about forming life-long disciples? How may its patterns and contents shape character, imagination, and agency in the young? How may it assist in transforming fear and failure into faithfulness? This seminar invites you to wrestle with enduring issues of discipling from the unusual perspective of "the peoples' work."

C. Sagacious Disciples Stephen Rankin

In this course we will dig into the often unrecognized theological assumptions that permeate popular culture. For example – many people talk about needing and having a purpose in life. That vision serves as a functional "eschatology." This functional theology works in hidden ways inside the church as well as "out there" in popular culture. Christian ministers, in these days especially, need to think like missionary anthropologists, with a keen understanding of both culture and theology. When we start to see the embedded and active theological beliefs that really do operate in people's lives, we can more effectively imagine how to engage people with the Gospel.