Trials and Pilot Projects

Trials and Pilot Projects

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The library is dedicated to supporting the Seminary community's study, research, and teaching work while practicing good stewardship of Seminary resources. Toward that goal, the trials and pilot projects listed here are designed to assist in library resource appraisal and purchasing decisions.

Database Trial

American Religion: Denominational Newspapers (Readex/Newsbank)

American Religion: Denominational Newspapers is a part of America’s Historical Newspapers (AHN). The Library already purchases access to another part of AHN, Early American Newspapers, Series I. American Religion: Denominational Newspapers contains more than 320 rare newspapers from over 30 states published between 1799 and 1900. It supports research of early American history, religious history, ethnic studies, abolitionism, Civil War, and gender studies.

American Religion: Denominational Newspapers

Last day of trial period: December 5, 2015

We welcome your opinion of American Religion: Denominational Newspapers. Your feedback will help us to evaluate the usefulness of this kind of resource and delivery method to your study, research, and teaching. Please complete this brief form. Thank you!

Recently Purchased

Archives of the Presbyterian Church of Cuba Online (Brill)

This collection makes available for research the records of the Iglesia Presbiteriana-Reformada en Cuba (IPRC) and predecessor Presbyterian churches and missions in Cuba, including a complete run of Heraldo Cristiano, the church’s newsletter, 1919 – 2010, which provides a framework for the history of the church. Also included are the periodicals Juprecu and Su Voz, early mission records, originally maintained in English and then in Spanish as the congregations took over management of their churches and schools from the mission workers. These include session minutes and membership/baptism/marriage/death records, as well as minutes of men’s, women’s, and youth groups, including their mission work in their communities.

Access the Archives of the Presbyterian Church of Cuba Online (Brill) and other subscription research databases