Library Databases

About Library Databases

Search one or more databases to find journal articles and other e-resources. This resource is restricted to current PTS faculty, staff and students. Users working off-campus (outside the PTS network) will be prompted to authenticate via the proxy server.

Looking for a book? Search the online catalog to find books, print journals and other physical library holdings.

Search Tips

Basic Instructions

To search a single database (recommended), use the A-Z Resource List.

To search across multiple databases, use the check box to the left of the database name to select those you wish to explore.

For advanced searching, it is advisable to search appropriate databases, separately, in their "native interface." To search a single database, use the A-Z Resource List.

More Search Tips

Searching a specific database

To search a single database, use the A-Z Resource List.

Searching specific fields:

  • All: Searches all the fields available
  • Keyword: All Fields (the default)
  • Title: Searches the title field
  • Author: Searches the author field
  • Abstract: Searches the abstract field
  • Subject: Searches the subject field

Boolean searching:

  • Use AND to connect separate concepts. AND will narrow a search.
    Example: barth AND dogmatics
  • Use OR to connect similar terms. OR will broaden your search.
    Example: muslim OR moslem
  • Use NOT to eliminate separate terms. NOT will narrow your search.
    Example: barth NOT karl

Searching exact phrases:

There is no perfect method for searching for exact phrases in Serials Solutions since databases may perform exact phrase searching differently. Using "quotation marks" around your search term may be effective in some searches. For advanced searching, it is recommended that you use the "native interface" of the database.

Searching for full text only:

Each database is unique. If the "native interface" provides a "Full Text Only" limit Serials Solutions can interpret, then the search of that database will offer full-text articles. Some databases do not offer a full-text only limit (and not all databases provide full-text articles).

Additional search strategies:

Use * to find all words that begin with the same root: theolog* finds theology, theologian, theological