A Conference on "Philosophy and Revelation"
Princeton, New Jersey
16th-18th April 2009


A conference in celebration of the centenary of
Herman Bavinck's Stone Lectures


16th-18th April, 2009

Abraham Kuyper was succeeded as a professor of theology at the Free University of Amsterdam in 1880 by Herman Bavinck, author of the four volume Reformed Dogmatics. Ten years after Kuyper delivered his famous Stone Lectures on Calvinism, at Princeton Theological Seminary Bavinck was accorded the same distinction. He took 'The Philosophy of Revelation' as his theme and the outstanding lectures he gave have been in print ever since their first publication.

The purpose of this conference – which will open with a lecture by Professor Alvin Plantinga, winner of the Kuyper Prize for 2009 -- is to celebrate the centenary of Bavinck's lectures by bringing theologians and philosophers into conversation on the very wide range of topics that Bavinck thought to be relevant to assessing the nature and status of revelation as a source of knowledge in a world increasingly dominated by empiricist epistemology. The topics he discusses include:

Theism, naturalism and humanism
Epistemological monism
The concept and significance of evolution
The anthropology of religion
Metaphysics in the philosophy of history
History, theology and Biblical interpretation
Religious experience

Paper proposals are invited on all aspects of the general theme, but will be especially welcome on any of these topics. Papers selected for inclusion will run concurrently. In addition, each block of concurrent sessions will include a session reserved for a graduate student paper.

PAPER PROPOSALS should take the form of an abstract of not more than 300 words and be submitted as an email attachment to [email protected] by Monday, 1st December, 2008. Decisions will be made and notifications send by late December / early January.


Paper proposals from graduate students in theology, philosophy, history and the social sciences are strongly encouraged. The presenters of those accepted will be eligible for a number of travel and research awards including the Abraham Kuyper Grant (restricted to Ph.D. students at PTS), the George Puchinger Grant (restricted to non-US students enrolled in foreign Ph.D. programs) and a further four De Vries Kuyper Conference Awards (open to all graduate students) which will cover the cost of travel and accommodation at the conference.


Thursday, 16th April
Kuyper Prize Lecture
Alvin Plantinga, John O' Brien Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
"Religion and Science: Why Does the Debate Continue?"

Friday, 17th April
Gordon Graham, Chair of the Kuyper Center Committee
"The Contemporary Relevance of Bavinck's Lectures"

Markus Bockmuehl, Professor of Biblical and Early Christian Studies, University of Oxford
and James F Kay, Joe R. Engle Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics, Princeton Theological Seminary
"History, Bible and Revelation"

William Abraham, Distinguished Professor, Perkins School of Theology, SMU
Bruce L. McCormack, Hodge Professor of Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
Dawn De Vries, John Newton Thomas Professor of Systematic Theology, Union Theological Seminary
"Revealed Truth in Contemporary Theology"

Saturday, 18th April
Paul K Moser, Professor of Philosophy, Loyola University
"Revelation and Contemporary Epistemology"