Journal of Scottish Philosophy

The Journal of Scottish Philosophy publishes innovative work by philosophers and historians of ideas on all aspects and every period of the Scottish philosophical tradition - philosophical psychology, metaphysics, philosophy of science, ethics and moral philosophy, political and social theory, from the late scholastics of the 15th century through the 18th century Enlightenment philosophers to the Scottish Idealists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Since its foundation in 2003, the JSP has established itself as an internationally acknowledged source of new philosophical work of the highest intellectual standard. Since Volume 5 (2007), some issues are guest edited on a special theme. The next special issue will be JSP 15.1 Spring 2017.

'Adam Smith–from context to relevance'
Guest editor: Jack Russell Weinstein
Submissions are invited for a themed issue of the Journal of Scottish Philosophy that aims to explore the philosophy of Adam Smith both in context, and with a view to its relevance for contemporary philosophical debate and inquiry. Papers that engage in serious textual work, and papers that step away from a strictly historical approach are equally welcome. Preference may be given to papers that aim to bridge this division. Submissions should be prepared for blind review, and sent as email attachments to [email protected] The identity and institutional affiliation of the author should be confined to the accompanying email, which should also indicate that the submission is for the themed issue. Submissions that are not selected may be considered for a regular issue.

The deadline for initial submission is May 1st 2016. Authors whose papers are accepted will be asked to provide final versions by November 1st 2016, with publication both online and in print in March 2017. Inquiries to the guest editor of this special issue are welcome and should be sent to [email protected]

From Volume 13, under the editorship of James J S Foster (University of Sioux Falls) a third issue in June of each year is devoted to book reviews, critical studies and review articles.

The JSP is available both in print and on-line. Each issue contains a ‘featured article’ which is permanently accessible on-line free of charge.

Full information about subscribing and submitting to the JSP, contents of the current issue, featured article, free access to a sample issue, and the address to which books for review should be sent can be found at the JSP website.

Edinburgh Studies in Scottish Philosophy

The aim of this series, published by Edinburgh University Press, is to advance scholarly knowledge and understanding in directions and at a level that is somewhat underserved at present. It will include innovative studies on major figures and themes as well as relatively neglected authors and periods. Volumes will cover the full range of Scottish philosophy over five centuries – from the medieval period through the Reformation and Enlightenment, to the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It will include new studies of acclaimed philosophers such David Hume, Adam Smith and Thomas Reid, other figures from the Scottish Enlightenment on whom (in comparison) relatively little work has been done, and studies of Scottish philosophy before and after the 18th century. The interface between theology and philosophy falls within the scope of the series, especially in connection with reformed theology and late scholasticism in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the theologically driven philosophy of much of the 19th century.

The distinctive approach of the series will make the combination of critical engagement pertinent to contemporary philosophical debates with historical sensitivity to textual context and interpretation the principal criterion for inclusion. Current academic specialization means that a series of books in which historical sensitivity and philosophical substance are combined brings a welcome new intellectual approach to the topics selected.

The first book in the series – Hume's Sceptical Enlightenment by Ryo Susato – was published in September 2015. Initial inquiries respecting proposals for further volumes should be sent to the series editor [email protected]

OUP History of Scottish Philosophy

In 2007 the Princeton Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy initiated a comprehensive multi-volume, multi-authored history of Scottish philosophy to be published by Oxford University Press.


The first two volumes were published in 2015, and details of these can be found on the OUP website:

In preparation

  • Scottish Philosophy in the 18th Century edited by Aaron Garret and James A Harris.
    Volume 2: Method, Mind and Matter
  • Scottish Philosophy in the 17th Century edited Alexander Broadie and Roger Mason

Also planned

  • Scottish Philosophy in the Renaissance

Library of Scottish Philosophy

The Library of Scottish Philosophy is a series of specially commissioned books intended to provide teachers, students and the general reader with easy and inexpensive access to both well known and less well known writers in the Scottish philosophical tradition. Selections are organized around a particular author, or a more general theme. Published by Imprint Academic in the UK and distributed by Ingram in the USA, these paperback selections are edited and introduced by experts from Europe, Asia and America. They can be purchased on Amazon, directly from the publisher, or from the IASP Bookstore.

Proposals for additional volumes in the series are welcome, and should be sent FAO to Gordon Graham at [email protected]