Conference and Call for Papers

A long term project of the CSSP comes to fruition in 2015 when the first two volumes of a multi-authored History of Scottish Philosophy will be published by Oxford University Press.

Scottish Philosophy in the 18th Century, Volume One, edited by James Harris (University of St Andrews) and Aaron Garrett (Boston University) covers Scottish Enlightenment writers and topics in morality, politics, aesthetics and religion. Scottish Philosophy in the 19th and 20th centuries, edited by Gordon Graham, engages with the post-Enlightenment debates between once famous, but now much less well known, Scottish philosophers—Thomas Brown, William Hamilton, J F Ferrier, Alexander Bain, John Macmurray—with chapters on more wide ranging topics such as the Scottish reception of Kant and Hegel, the rise of Idealism, and the influence of Scottish philosophy abroad.

The CSSP Spring Conference 2015 will celebrate the appearance of these two volumes. Plenary sessions and panels will take up themes from the chapters of the books. Paper proposals for concurrent sessions are welcome. They may be on any topic falling within the general conference theme of ‘Common Sense and Enlightenment’. Paper proposals are especially welcome on the topics covered by the books. Details of their contents can be found here and here.

Participants include Dan Garber (Princeton), Don Garrett (NYU), Fonna Forman (San Diego), Remy Debes (Memphis) and Peter Baumann (Swarthmore). Full details of the program can be found below.

Graduate students are eligible to compete for the George Elder Davie Prize which covers the cost of presenting at the conference and secures publication in the Journal of Scottish Philosophy (subject to blind review). For further information contact

The 2015 Spring Conference has additional financial support from the Scots Philosophical Association.

Abstracts of not more than 300 words should be sent to CSSP by Friday 14th November 2014. Decisions will be notified by mid December 2014.


CSSP Spring Conference, 13-15th March 2015

”Common Sense and Enlightenment”



  • 10-12 Panel: ‘Scottish Philosophy before the Enlightenment’
    Christian Maurer (Fribourg), Colin Heydt (South Florida), Giovanni Gellera (Glasgow)
    Chair commentator, Dan Garber (Princeton)
  • 1.30-3.00 Concurrent Session I
  • 3.15-4.45 Plenary Lecture: Don Garrett (NYU)
    "Hume's Philosophical Ambitions: Aims and Outcomes"

Saturday 14th

  • 9-10.30 Concurrent Sessions II
  • 11-12 Symposium: The Scottish Reception of Kant,
    Paul Guyer (Brown), Des Hogan (Princeton)
  • 1.30- 3 Concurrent Sessions III
  • 3.30 - 4.30 Symposium: Common Sense and Pragmatism
    Peter Baumann (Swarthmore) and Douglas McDermid (Trent, Ontario)

Sunday 15th

  • 9.00-10.30 Symposium: Adam Smith
    Remy Debes (Memphis) and Fonna Forman (San Diego)
  • 10.45-12.00Concurrent Sessions IV
  • 1.15-2.45 Panel: ‘The Idea of a Scottish Philosophical tradition’
    Gordon Graham (Princeton Seminary), James Harris (St Andrews), Aaron Garrett (Boston)