Instructions for Contributors

The Journal of Scottish Philosophy welcomes contributions on all aspects of the Scottish philosophical tradition, but the following topics are of special interest.

•Thomas Reid
•The influence of Scottish philosophy in the foundation of economics, sociology and psychology
•The impact of Scottish philosophy on theology and education in North America
•The contemporary philosophical relevance of the Scottish philosophical tradition
The Journal of Scottish Philosophy is committed to the highest editorial standards, including blind review by acknowledged experts. It also strives to ensure that work is published as close to the date of acceptance as possible. In making submission to the Journal, authors are advised to follow these guidelines.

Submissions should be 4000-7000 words long, and preceded by an abstract of no more than 150 words. To allow for blind reviewing, the name and address of the author(s) should appear on a separate sheet, or on the accompanying email only. Notes should be endnotes and kept to a minimum. Substantial material should be incorporated in the main text, and the guiding principle for all endnotes is whether the material they contain is of significant value to the reader. 

  A full style sheet is available here. Papers that have not been prepared in accordance with this style sheet will be sent out for review. If accepted for publication, their authors will be required to present a final electronic version in accordance with the style sheet.

Submission by email attachment to [email protected] is preferred, though papers may also be the submitted by post. Publishers are invited to send relevant books for review. Receipt of a review copy is not a guarantee that a review will appear, and unreviewed books will be returned only on receipt of return postage. A copy of any review that is published will be sent to the publisher. Books are sent for review by qualified reviewers, but on occasion unsolicited book reviews may be considered

Articles submitted by post and books for review should be sent to:
Journal of Scottish Philosophy
Princeton Theological Seminary
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P.O.Box 821
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