George Davie Prize Essay Competition

This essay competition is held on average every two years. The Prize was established in 2009 and named in commemoration of George Elder Davie (1912-2007) author of The Democratic Intellect (1961) and Honorary Editor of the Journal of Scottish Philosophy until his death. The winning submission will secure publication in the journal and a prize of $1000.

The theme for 2010 was “Scottish Aesthetics” . The prize winning essay  -- ‘Delicacy in Hume’s Theory of Taste’ by Theodore Gracyk – was published in JSP 9.1 (2011). To read the essay and discussion visit the JSP Forum.


Prize Competition 2012

The competition in 2012 was restricted to revised versions of graduate papers accepted for presentation at the Princeton Seminary Bicentennial Celebrations conference on ‘Scottish Common Sense Philosophy and the Natural Law Tradition in America’. The prize winning paper, selected by a process of blind review, was “Scottish Rhetoric, Natural Law and Pluralism’ by Rosaleen Greene Keefe, University of Rhode Island.

It is expected that the next competition will run in 2014 when submissions will be invited on the 2014 conference theme ‘Religion in the Scottish Enlightenment’. Details will appear on this page in May 2013.