Karl Barth is the most important Protestant theologian of the past century, but for many of us, reading his magnum opus, the 13 volume Church Dogmatics, is simply too intimidating. A circle of Barth enthusiasts in the presbytery have been reading KB together for the past year.

We now invite everyone interested in exploring Barth and the CD with us to join the Karl Barth Reading Group as we begin our next year together. Following a format that has proven successful for similar groups, we meet one evening a month to discuss a small section (6 to 8 pages) of the CD, in a series of readings designed to complete a whole subsection (60 to 80 pages) during the year. No prior knowledge of Barth or his theology is required or assumed. Our purpose is to help one another to understand what we are reading, whether or not we agree with the text --- or with each other, and to integrate our learning with our ministry.

If you are interested or curious about joining us, please e-mail our corresponding secretary, Ken Ross ( [email protected] ), to get on our contact list.

Central Oklahoma

We are a small group with diverse backgrounds and ages, representing various church traditions, who share a common interest in Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics. We meet once a month, usually the third Saturday from 7-9 p.m., to discuss a relatively short section, perhaps 50-100 pages, of the Church Dogmatics. We meet on the east side of Norman. Come 15 minutes early – coffee, hot chocolate and tea are provided at 6:45.

Discussion is informal, prayerful and lively. Our purpose is to help one another better appreciate what we are reading, whether or not we agree with the text. No prior knowledge of Barth is assumed or required. Questions are welcomed at any level – whether from a novice Christian or an unbeliever, whether ministerial or academic.

We are patient. Reading the Church Dogmatics is a long-term endeavor, and we all know that life happens in the meantime. No extraordinary heroism is expected – come when you can, read what you can, come even if you didn’t complete the reading for that month. Perhaps hearing what others found interesting in the text will help you decide whether to go back and catch up, or simply to go on with the aid of the discussion or a summary guide.

We invite you to join us if you live in the central Oklahoma area and would like to read through the Church Dogmatics with us. For more information or directions, contact Kerry Magruder and visit the reading group website.