Current Library Assessment Projects

Current Library Assessment Projects

2015–16 Academic/Fiscal Year

Operational Use and Efficiency: Collections, Resources, Services, Space

  • Assessment Project #1: Library Data Dashboard – LibInsight Pilot Year
  • Assessment Project #2: Annual Reports Data Gathering (IPEDS, ATS, etc.)
  • Assessment Project #3: Electronic Resource Usage
  • Assessment Project# 4: Determine Library Patron Sensor Solution
  • Assessment Project# 5: Collection Management Workflows Analysis
  • Assessment Project# 6: Reference Collection Assessment Plan Development

Patron Expectations and Experience

  • Assessment Project #7: Library Impact Story Logs (ongoing)
  • Assessment Project #8: Spring Patron Focus Groups – Patron Group: Faculty

Learning Outcomes and Scholarly Impact

  • Assessment Project #9: PTS Faculty and Ph.D. Citation Analysis Project
  • Assessment Project #10: Library Impact on Doctoral Scholars Program Participants, CTI Scholars, and Visiting Scholars
  • Assessment Project #11: Develop Information Literacy Self-Evaluations
  • Assessment Project #12: Explore Feasibility of Library Usage and Student Outcomes Study

Library Staff Assessment Fluency

  • Assessment Project #13: Library Staff Assessment Analysis as part of half-day professional development retreats (Jan. and June)