We must develop creative ways in which this valuable Seminary resource may be made accessible to the global church and to parishes and scholars all across America. We must then market the Library’s resources, capabilities and accessibility to these same constituencies in creative and effective ways. It is our responsibility to see that the global Reformed theology community views the Library as a treasured resource for all, stewarded by PTS.

The Seminary’s library is regarded as among the most prestigious in the world. When completed, the new library building will become an unparalleled resource: a center of scholarly excellence connecting faculty, students, and researchers through innovative services and technologies. The challenge will be how most effectively to expand access to the resources of the library beyond Princeton while continuing to develop its collections and services at the highest levels. The new library will be much more than a building warehousing books. We will focus on enhancing discovery and search while upgrading both onsite and distance access. To do this we must maintain our traditional, high standards of quality, physical organization and professionalism while transforming to the virtual world and catching up to the rapidly evolving standards of digital curation. We recognize that we have neither the knowledge nor the resources to do this alone. We must search out and partner with leading organizations and companies that can contribute enabling technology and expertise. We must also develop a staff with the skills to execute this vision. The scope and depth of our collections confer upon us a responsibility to act as a hub, a crucial center in a growing, global collaborative enterprise.