Objective 3
 We will know we have addressed this imperative when graduates report satisfactory results for job placement and teacher preparedness. 
Strategy 1
Implement the Teaching Apprenticeship Program (TAP), monitor its success and make changes as necessary to increase its effectiveness in preparing our Ph.D. graduates to be successful teachers. Provide training to enable students best to take advantage of their field experience.
 Consider the following:
 • Mentoring of faculty to prepare them for TAP.
 • Preparation for classroom and distance teaching in a variety of educational settings.
 • Regular review of Ph.D. students’ teaching performance in M.Div. courses with faculty observation and planned improvement.

Strategy 2
Provide centralized administrative support for job placement.
 Consider the following:
 • Job placement responsibilities assigned to new or existing staff.
 • Use of the Interfolio online system by Ph.D. students to manage letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, writing samples, evaluations, transcripts, and other documents.
 • A comprehensive and ongoing tracking system for alumni/ae.
 • Placement services for Ph.D. students as early as the fourth year of the program.