Click here for the Student Disability Accommodation Notification Form
The Seminary welcomes those with disabilities and strives to provide an environment in which all students have equal access to educational opportunities and the campus community. The Seminary accords students with documented disabilities appropriate and reasonable academic accommodations. Required documentation of a disability and need for a modification or accommodation includes:

* a diagnosis of a current impairment (ordinarily within one year);
* the basis for the diagnosis;
* how major life activities are impacted by the impairment;
* suggested modifications or accommodations;
* how the disability relates to a requested modification or accommodation;
* the qualifications of the individual preparing the documentation, and a signed release form.

Any expense a student incurs for testing and diagnosis of a disability is borne by the student. The Seminary reserves the right to conduct its own independent evaluation if it so chooses.

Students who seek some academic modification or accommodation for their documented disability should contact the Academic Affairs Office. The Seminary, through the Academic Affairs Office, and the student will collaborate to determine an accommodation that is supported by the documentation, effective for the student, and does not compromise the essential requirements of the program.

Students who require other forms of accommodation should contact the Office of Housing and Auxiliary Services.